Semi-Self-Published English Student

My name is Isabella King. A student at Lehigh University and I am excited to share a small excerpt (about the first two paragraphs) of a book I wrote senior year of high school.

Many more edits are in the works although there are a few printed copies out there.

Chapter One
2099-10-01 18:36:03
Today is the first of October, and it might be
the last day that I am me. I’m told what I’m doing is
right, and both my naivety and guilt keep me from
disagreeing. But, even if my conscience decided to
change its mind today it’d be too late. By the time, I
rest my head on a pillow tonight-well, will there be
pillows? Doesn’t matter. I’m filled with so many
questions I feel like my brain is going to override and
fry up, in the next hour, though, I guess my brain will
feel less cluttered, it will feel empty. I must admit to
some fear, because I’m only human. My fear is I won’t
be me anymore. Is it the memories that make the
person? Or the decisions? If I have no memory of those
decisions will I still be me? Will I have the same fears
and insecurities, or will they fade away with my past
and my friends? My turn is next, they’re coming to get
me now. They’ll pull this thing out, and I may stay, or
I may disappear along with my memories. So, I sent
this to you, to try and keep my memories alive, they
are the only evidence left of what really happened

Simone’s voice comes off crisply and flows
into the ear piece as I press play. I had almost forgotten
what she sounded like, but as I look down at the tablet,
reading the words as she says them, I don’t know how I
ever forgot. These memories were so precious to her,
and I almost let them slip away. Selfishly, I want them
to fade and disappear. Her memories are gone, and she
can’t remember me anymore. I, however, am left with
the scars of losing her. I rub my index finger gently
against the glass screen, as if touching her words
somehow connect me to her.

5 thoughts on “Semi-Self-Published English Student”

  1. WOW! You are a truly powerful writer. I honestly felt glued to my seat waiting to see what happened to this lady (girl?). Anyway, you have such a good talent. Keep writing and I know you will go far with your writing. Great job! Anne


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